Frequently Asked Questions

Who are 'Reach' and what do they do?

Reach is a supply chain and logistics company specialising in home delivery. Its nationwide network means it is uniquely placed to provide an efficient and reliable service to Irish readers who would like a more convenient way to access their favourite newspapers and magazines.

Is there really no delivery charge?

That's correct. No delivery charge whatsoever. The service itself is free and you only pay the standard retail price for your papers, magazines and periodicals. So, it would cost the same to buy them in your local shop - but now you'll have them delivered to your doorstep each morning at no extra cost.

How will I know how much is payable each month?

You'll see the price of each title clearly listed on the 'Choose Subscriptions' page when you sign up. Simply click one or more publication and the weekly total appears in the 'My Subscriptions' box - so you can keep track of your spend at a glance.

How do I pay for my subscriptions?

Payments can be made by debit or credit card.

When will I be billed?

Your account will be charged in advance at the start of each month.

Will the service cost the same amount each month?

No. You'll notice small fluctuations, up or down, from month to month.This is because the number of days in each calendar month varies and your bill will adjust accordingly to reflect this slight variation.

When can I expect to receive my first delivery?

In most cases, your first delivery will commence approximately 72 hours after you sign up for home delivery. For customers living in remote locations the lead-in time may be a little longer.

What time will my delivery land on the doorstep?

We will aim to deliver to you as early as we can. That will be at approximately 7.30 am in Dublin and 8.30am outside Dublin.

Do I still pay when I'm away on holiday?

No. Your subscriptions can take a break too. Pause your deliveries by simply logging in to your account and clicking 'Add a Holiday'. Enter the departure and return dates and we'll suspend deliveries while you are away and ensure they re-commence on your return.

What happens if my reading material isn't delivered?

If there are any problems with your scheduled delivery please let us know. Get in touch with our Customer Care Team by email at this address: Or by calling 1890 130 130. We'll do everything possible to put it right for you.

I'm moving house. Can my subscription move too ?

Yes, provided your new address is included in our delivery network. Our Customer Care Team are ready to help make the transition as smooth as possible. Feel free to give them a call on 1890 130 130.

What happens if I need to make a change or cancel the service?

You can amend or cancel an individual publication, or your entire subscription at any time. Simply contact our Customer Care Team who will talk you through the process step by step. Once again, the number to call is 1890 130 130.

Why has my Digital Edition access stopped?

This service is no longer available from Reach and your subscription has not been renewed. If you would like to resume this service, please contact Independent Customer Care on 017055333 or sign up online here.